Multidisciplinary show

Això encara no

WHAT IS IT? This is “NOT YET” is a project of a creation process. (This is not a show yet but it is going to be a show in the future!). It is a collective creative project. What does it mean? It pretends to stage and practice a show through suggestions, opinions and sensations of the public. So, the public that is going to participate in the practices is going to help to stage the new show of the company.
What we want to obtain with the practices is to find out a title for the show, to do the technical designs, to work the artistic face, to put the show on the stage, to create the set design… And you all can help us by assisting in the practices and by your collaborations.

Artistic record

Project management: Toti Toronell
Clown: Toti Toronell
External views: Jordi Purtí, Pere Hosta, Marcel Gros, Xavier Valentí, Agustí Custey, Tena Busquets, Pere Faura… (the list will be extended to each essay)
Assistant Director: Txell Farràs
Documentary Creation: Marc Planagumà, Nuri Pascal (Produccions Mínim)
Creation: Dieleepkamas, Ajith Kumar, Sreefith Sasepedras, Subramanijan, Visnanth, Suredarapvu, Madmboodauan, Shakeed Asees, Liju, Alan, Klaudiusz, Dilip Rohana, Tibiiggs Nehs, Mattegda, Sicanka, Krishnan, Manima Ndiram, Manjeri Malapuram, Ramachandram, Roshniswapana, Carla Guida, Marta Cullell, Esther Forment, Carles Mesas, Paula Toronell, Rosa Maria Pujiula, Leila Cherifi, Nunna Toronell, Raimon Espon, Xavier Dot, Joel Piqué, Meritxell Toronell, Nin Piqué, Clara Pérez, Joan Piqué… (Lista S ‘ Expand To Each Essay)
Collaborations: Teatre Principal d’Olot, Festival Itfok (Índia), Festival Còmic de Figueres, Setmana del Pallasso (Castellar Del Vallès)