Sometimes I get inspired by what surrounds me … and I turn around.

It is a pleasure to share a city taken by the hand of Mireia Marés, illustrating these small stories, written with delicacy and success, reflecting the day to day life of her large family.

You can follow the writings to:

Nominated for the FAD architecture awards

Chistmas 2017. Together with Xevi Bayona, we created the city of 800,000 ingravidolles (Christmas zorb balls) to dress Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona, an ephemeral city that appears with the first lights of Christmas.

With Quim Domene, we made a free interpretation of the poem by J.V.Foix for the nativity scene of the city of Barcelona in 2016. (more…)

Work in progress of “Ho sap tothom i és profecia”

Of the clown’s facets, what most tenderizes and excites me is their poetry, this form of expression so intimate and fragile. Small improvised clowns, invented, disguised and / or well-known.

Sometimes I swim, but many other tines nothing.

Looking for colour inside transparent things, I met with the look of a boy. And I understood that the eraser, only serves to better make a mistake.

A story of clowns
Silly who reads it!

Many times my brain doesn’t understand what my pencil draws, but it is also true that, many times my pencil draws what my brain doesn’t understand. Be as it may, in this case, I understood everything to perfection… I think.

Sometimes life surprises you on all sides.