Interactive installation


”Automatàrium” is an installation inspired by the fairground attraction of coin-activated automatons constructed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
In this installation, actors are located within individual booths made of wood and methacrylate (imitating the old buildings) and activated with coins that the audience inserts in a slot.
Once a coin is inserted coloured bulbs light up and circus music plays. The performers begin mimicking the robotc and cyclical movements of the automatons enacting short actions with elements of comedy, circus, magic, storytelling, song, mime etc.

Artistic record

Direction: Jordi Purtí
Actors: Dabid Berga, Toti Toronell, Laura Ferrer, Sergio Joaquín Ortega, Mila Yon Chobiak
Scenography: Pablo Paz
Wardrobe: El Soldadet de Plom
Design: El Soldadet de Plom
Management: Imma Bové
Production: David Berga Management / Produccions Trapa / Laitrum