It’s the town festival and the night is coming, as the candle ball, the flat lights are switched on and the windows of the block become illuminated. Little by little the lovers faces onlooker are glimpse as the shadows and the half-lights of some full of histories private lives. Histories tangled to makes one only history.
In each window and in each balcony there is a new reality, a new colour, a new way to live. There are little puppets that are waiting to seeing the carton giants from the balcony, puppets excited as fireworks, puppets full of tenderness, puppets and no more than puppets, as us, because…there is someone that sometimes has not felt as a puppet?


Artistic record

Original idea: Toti Toronell and Anscari Isorna
Direction: Toti Toronell
Assistant director: Joan Fluvià
Handlers: Thangi Rey, Toti Toronell, Anscari Isorna, Albert Dondarza, Joan Bramon, David Estany, Xavier Valentí
Technician: Nino Costa
Scenography: El soldadet de plom, Tuxé, Xavier Masmitjà, Daniel Fortià
Construction of puppets: El soldadet de plom, Tuxé, Xavier Masmitjà, Daniel Fortià
Puppet wardrobe: El soldadet de plom, Tuxé
Musical creation: Anscari Isorna
Lighting design: Nino Costa
Executive production: Rocío Romero
Screenings: Toti Toronell
Graphic design: Tutxé, Toti Toronell
Production: Produccions Trapa, Panorama