Interactive installation


CAPSES is a senses game, little boxes hidding little tales.
Behind the curtains the spectator becomes the naïve narrator of the story he explains.
In front of the curtains words make possible that non-senses object movements make sense according to the tales.
The boxes game, among popcorns, theatre, puppetries, games and poetry.
A show from the public for the public.
An small pleasure for 5 senses.

Artistic record

Idea and Direction: Toti Toronell
Master of Capses: Toti Toronell
Voices: Toti Toronell, Anscari Isorna and Jordi Borràs
Scenography: Lead soldadet
Error music: Albert Dondarza and Toti Toronell
Production: Produccions Trapa
Acknowledgments: At the PNRM Festival and all its staff to get our premiere in the tray. MARTA AND PAULA to make guinea pigs. And ultimately to all those who have been able to say before the project has come true … in PEP for the wise advice, in DON to do the technical tests, and in GOKU for welding.