Cíclic is a theatre with bicycle, an itinerant show in the street where the public sees the performance riding a bicycle.
It is a show with animal traction, which uses each route to develop small stories of cabaret in different formats: puppets, clowns, mimes…
10 minutes of trip where the actions are mixed with the emotions. With the aesthetic of the older peddles, Cíclic goes for a walk in squares and streets while performing little shows.

Artistic record

Original Idea: Pep Massanet and Toti Toronell
Direction: Toti Toronell
Actors: Pep Massane, Jordi Borràs and Xavier Valentí
Scenography: Coco, Pep Massanet and El Soldadet de Plom
Wardrobe: El Soldadet de Plom
Production: Produccions Trapa