Multidisciplinary show


Every time it rains this happens to them, it’s normal, they are gastropod molluscs after all and as we all know, their four tentacles are awakened intuitively, and this forces them to follow their instinct, leaving them little choice but to undertake their journey dragging their shell with them.
And like two snails, they are carried away by their intuition, and little by little, just as it should be, they leave a trail of slime on the tip of your shoes that seeps into you and commands your good humour and surrealism.
By the way, all the animals in the show are fictional … except two.

Basic information

  • Multidisciplinary show
  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Duration: 55 mins approx.
  • Suitable for closed off streets or unconventional spaces
  • Technical details are adaptable to the space
  • Hours needed for setting up: as yet unknown
  • Hours needed for packing up: few
  • Show released at the Fira Tàrrega 2018
  • Downloads

  • Dossier de l’espectacle
  • Artistic record

    Clowns: Toti Toronell and Pere Hosta
    Wardrobe: Slow Olou
    Scenography: El soldadet de plom
    Photo: Xevi Vilaregut
    Graphic design: Sopa Graphics
    Production: Cia.Toti Toronell and Cia.PereHosta
    Thanks to Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
    With the collaboration: Ajuntament de Girona, Diputació de Girona
    With the support of ICEC and Institut Ramon Llull