Interactive installation


Imbuteatro is a show of tales and songs for all publics, on the basis of the oral narration.
Through some funnels, the actors explain short stories for only one spectator; they explain stories and songs of fear, intrigue, humor, poetry and erotic, dramatic and classis stories.

Basic information

  • Show adaptable to any theme
  • Duration of the show: 90 minutes
  • Optimum assembly time: 1h
  • Optimum disassembly time: 1h
  • This show only needs a 220v outlet.
  • Artistic record

    Original Idea: Cinzia Morandi
    Direction: Toti Toronell
    Actors: Marta Rius, Cinzia Morandi, Toti Toronell
    Scenography: El Soldadet de Plom
    Cloth: El Soldadet de Plom
    Production: Produccions Trapa
    With the collaboration of Associazione Teatro Pan and Generalitat of Catalonia