Multidisciplinary show


Pili, don’t you find it great? Have you seen how your mouth is full of L? Libèlul·la.
In a little fair theatre, Pili’s husband has to do all the roles, and, accidentally, he opens his entire particular and artisanal universe. A universe that he has created with his own hands: automatons, puppets and humor are mixed in order to make sense of Libèlul·la. It is a tribute to Alexander Calder, who, without knowing it, has inspired part of this show.

Drac D’or award for best stage design – Fira Titelles Lleida 2016
Finalist in the critics’ awards 2016

Basic information

  • Multidisciplinary show
  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Duration: 60’
  • Show with own enclosure
  • Capacity: 55 pax
  • Mounting hours: 5 aprox
  • Disassembly hours: 3 aprox
  • Show released at Fira Titelles de Lleida in May 2016
  • Downloads

    Artistic record

    Direction: Toti Toronell
    Actor: Toti Toronell
    Clown: Toti Toronell
    Accomodator: Toti Toronell
    Plasterer: Toti Toronell
    Lighting design: Toti Toronell
    Scenography: Toti Toronell
    Automata: Toti Toronell
    Tonteria: Toti Toronell
    Clothes: It is not known
    Disseny gràfic: Toti Toronell
    Choreography: Paula Toronell
    Warning: Pili does not appear in this show
    With the support of ICEC and Institut Ramon Llull