Interactive installation


Maybe you are interested on what you are going to find inside the boxes. Well, you are going to find works of Shakespeare condensed in… 8 minutes!
The spectator behind the box-theatre is going to receive instructions through the earpieces and is going to move the objects following the instructions without knowing why he/she does what he/she is doing.
The spectators who are in front of the box-theatre watching the show are enjoying a work of Shakespeare through the earpieces. The story becomes real thanks to the movements of the “actor”. Shakespeare as you had never seen it before… with sense of humour, love, scheme, death, revenge, popcorns, public converted on actors and a lot of ovations.

Basic information

  • Interactive installation
  • Theater fair
  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Minimum recommended age: 4 years
  • Inside or Outside
  • Mounting hours: 2
  • Disassembly hours: 1
  • Downloads

    Artistic record

    Original Idea: Toti Toronell / Angus MacKechnie
    Direction: Toti Toronell
    Voices: Toti Toronell
    Scenography: Quim Domene – La Fàbrica del Riu
    Musical selection: Albert Dondarza
    Production: Laitrum Teatre
    Spectacle co-produced by the National Theater of London
    With the collaboration of the festival TEMPORADA ALTA
    With the support of ICEC and Institut Ramon Llull