Multidisciplinary show


You can only hear a fly and a dustcart that will pass in front of the factory. The machines are switched off but the violin is still playing the last sigh. The clown also sighs while collects the emotions with the broom.
And, what would happen if the dustcart does not stop?
Toti Toronell transports the rubbish bag through a show fill with poetry, and he uses his Naïf spirit in order to live each conflict with the passion with which a snail eats lettuce. He does not want to explain anything, but he explains everything and he lives with the clown essence, from the tenderness to the innocence.

Finalist for the Zirkolica awards to the best clown spectacle 2014
Finalist for the Zirkolica awards Zirkolica to the best show and best music 2015

Basic information

  • Multidisciplinary show
  • Show room
  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Duration: 60’
  • Mounting hours: 6 aprox
  • Disassembly hours: 2 aprox
  • Downloads

  • Show dossier
  • Photos of the show
  • Artistic record

    Original idea: Toti Toronell
    Clown: Toti Toronell
    Music: Albert Dondarza
    Light and Sound: Nino Costa
    Animations: David Cid
    Scenography: El Soldadet De Plom
    Clothes: Carles Solé, El Soldadet De Plom
    Executive Production: Productions Trapa
    With the support of ICEC and Institut Ramon Llull