Multidisciplinary show


When I was four, I got glasses. And when I was four and five minutes, my mother was already telling me my glasses were dirty. Nearly all my life seeing the world through a filter of dust, fingerprints, and my dioptres. 
Ah! and I know this has nothing to do with it, but I’ve always wondered what’s happening on the other side of things. It’s impossible to see all sides at once. You always have to decide, and it’s hard because you wish you could be everywhere. But you have to choose and enjoy your side with all the intensity life brings you. 

Basic information

  • Circus show
  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Mounting hours: 4h
  • Dismantling hours: 3h
  • Show released at Fira Trapezi 2019
  • Downloads

  • Dossier of the show
  • Artistic record

    Idea and direction: Toti Toronell
    Assistant director: Pere Hosta
    Comediants: Jessica Arpin, Pere Hosta, Kiku M. Masana, Mon Mató, Maria Palma and Toti Toronell
    Technical coordination: Kiku M. Masana
    Light design: David Sales
    Production: Mercè Casas

    Show co-produced by Fira Trapezi
    In collaboration with l’Ajuntament d’Olot, Al Carrer de Viladecans and Fira Tàrrega
    Supported by Mercè Arts de Carrer, Ajuntament d’Argelaguer and ICEC